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Liquid Sulphur Truck Unloading System

Truck unloading system for Liquid Sulphur

Sulphurnet offers a pumping system to ensure that the truck unloading of liquid sulphur is done quickly and safely, which is very important to both the operators and the truck driver. The unloading time is limited, and in this available time, the operators need to attach and detach the jacketed hose safely.

The system consists of a steam jacketed hose that connects to the Liquid Sulphur Truck with the aid of a hinge to lift the jacketed hose safely and establish a good leakage free connection with the truck. After it, we can find two liquid sulphur strainers that will retain the solids. The horizontal pump is magnetic driven to avoid leakages, with easy operation and little maintenance.

The pump motor will meet the end-user local statutory requirement for hazardous areas. Of course, we can provide certifications like IEC / ATEX / NEMA.

The pump, piping, strainer and valves are provided with steam jacketed heating and a control box. It measures the temperature to ensure that the pump cannot be started if it is not sufficiently warm.

The complete skid is manufactured in a controlled environment; all items are full jacketed, including the valves and instrumentation. It is a plug and play solution, avoiding works on-site, with fast installation and easily accessible for maintenance. It is manually operated and, on request, it is possible to automate it.

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  1. yong nam kim

    Dear Jan
    I try to make the molten Sulfur Bottom unloading System for truck. Does I need to have the hinge system on jacket hose ?
    If I need it, can you say its reason ,pls ?

    Thank you

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