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Edible Oil Filtration

Edible Oil Filtration

Filtration is a key process in the purification of edible/vegetable/biodiesel oil industry.

Sulphurnet provides solutions for different process steps, such as bleaching, hydrogenation, and deodorization. Main goals are to remove undesirable particles and to maintain the quality of the oil.

Sulphurnet offers more than 30 year of experience in the edible oil industry. Sulphurnet’s strengths includes a dedicated team focused on edible oil filtration. In addition to various types of filter systems, Sul-phurnet provides Filter Leafs and also repairs and re-meshing for existing systems.

Depending on the type of oil:

  • Crude oil filtration for removal of foots
  • Miscella filtration for production of lecithin from gums
  • Bleached oil filtration to remove colour and other components
  • Winterised oil filtration to remove waxes to enhance cold stability
  • Nickel catalyst filtration after hydrogenation of the oil
  • Residual catalyst filtration to remove solid nickel catalyst
  • Deodorised oil filtration to remove impurities formed during deodorisations
  • Safety filtration to improve filtrate quality and/or to protect equipment
  • Polishing filtration to improve product quatlity

Special Winterising Filter Systems

Sulphurnet offers a special solution for winterising application.

Sulphurnet Filter Leafs are executed with internal heating assembly from construction . The filtration process is executed at low temperature. Therefore, when the filtration finalises, the temperature inside the Filter Leafs inscreases. Due to the temperature increase the filter cake is automatically removed by releasing the filter cake. With this solution, labour cost are reduce to the minimum.

Filtration Solutions for Edible Oil

Self Cleaning Candle Filter Sulphurnet

Self-cleaning Candle FIlter

Pressure Leaf Filter Icon Sulphurnet

Pressure Leaf Filter

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