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Turbidity Analyser

Turbidity Measurement

The Turbidity Analyser continuously monitors the ash concentration in the liquid sulphur after the filter.
When deviations are measured immediate actions can be taken, minimising ashes entering the clean site of the process.
It can measure in the low ppm levels and the system is designed to operate in the process conditions of liquid sulphur. It is pre-calibrated and implementation in the process is simple and easy.

How does it work?

Turbidity Analyser uses light in the near-infrared (NIR) range from 730 to 970 nm. A precisely defined, constant light beam penetrates the liquid sulphur. Light scattered from particles in the medium is detected by eight hermetically-sealed silicon photodiodes at an angle of 11°. Simultaneously, the unscattered light is detected by a reference photodiode. If sulphur turbidity reaches an unacceptable level, the flow can be automatically recirculated or switched off.


– High-quality materials: Suitable for toughest process conditions, including high temperatures.
– Real-time monitoring ash level: Allows operators to control product clarity
– Measures low ppm range: Particles can be measured in the range of 0-0,5 ppm
– No calibration required: Reliable measurement and efficient operation
– Use of inline colourimeters: Reduces laboratory and production costs, eliminates human errors and prevents enviromental contamination.

Control Module

Control Module: displays the ash concentration in real-time as text or graphics. Unit of measurement is in ppm. The system can be supplied with a 316SS housing as well as a 19” rack version. It has 4-20mA outputs and 3-relay outputs, which can be used for alarm.

Monitoring the ash level in liquid sulphur prevents plant shut-down

The development in the sulphuric acid industry is going towards less maintenance stops, preferably running for 28-36 months. One of the criteria plants should asses continuously is the ash level in the liquid sulphur. Screening of the expensive catalyst is one important reason for stopping the acid plant. The various types of catalysts will give...
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