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Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter

Designed specifically for liquid sulphur processing, the primary function of this polishing filter is to eliminate final contaminants like filter aids and ashes that can clog the catalyst mass.

By removing these solid contaminants, the filter reduces pollution in the waste heat boiler and prevents pressure build-up in the downstream converter of the acid plant. This leads to lower maintenance costs and increased operational efficiency for your sulfuric acid plant.


⮚ Effectively removes fine solids from liquid sulfur.

⮚ Automated cleaning with steam backflushing.

⮚ Durable, long-lasting ceramic filter elements.

⮚ Filtration efficiency of 5 microns (99.9%).

⮚ Ash content reduced to less than 8 ppm.

How it works?

The most common filter medium used in our Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filters is Ceramic Filter Tubes. Made from aluminum oxide grains, these tubes exhibit high chemical resistance and form a strong, uniform porous structure. The fine porous types with a smooth surface are ideal for fine filtration, utilizing back-wash cleaning technology. Solids are retained on the outside of the tubes, and the filter cake is removed by back blowing with steam.

For optimal positioning and sealing at the outlet, Sulphurnet has designed the Sure Seal Filter Tube Holder. This system features end caps at both ends to hold the gasket securely. A center rod connects the top and bottom caps, ensuring the ceramic filter tube remains fixed in place.


The Ceramic Filter Tubes are cleaned by injecting high-pressure steam in the reverse direction. The steam follows the path of least resistance, so clean filter tubes allow steam to pass through easily, while plugged tubes do not clean efficiently. To address this, individual outlets are used. Each register of filter tubes is cleaned sequentially, leading to more efficient cleaning and doubling the filter tubes’ lifespan.


Housing: Tanks and all wettable parts are available in carbon. Internals, ceramic filter candles wit 316SS Candle support

Ceramic filter tubes”manufactured from aluminium oxide rgrains (Type SCC-08)

Main Aplications

Sulphur Processing

Pressure Vessel Code & Fitting

PED 2014/68/EU, ASME with “U” Stamp, Certifications for Customs Union Technical Regulation (CUTR) (Russia and Kazakhstan),
SQL (China) SA-1210 (Australia) and other codes stipulated by the client.

Fittings: Flanged connections are in accordance DIN, EN, ANSI Threaded connections to any desired specification.

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