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Melting Tank

The Sulphurnet Sulphur Melting Tank

The very first step in the sulphur melting and purification process happens inside the sulphur melting tank. Inside this tank steam coils heat the solid sulphur until the melting point forms liquid sulphur. Besides this, the lime that is added to the solid sulphur on the conveyor belt reacts with the sulphuric acid to neutralize the acid and prevent corrosion later in the process.

Sulphurnet’s melting tanks are designed with a conical bottom including the ability to drain without stopping the liquid sulphur meter operation. The liquid sulphur melting tank comes equipped with internal brick lining for corrosion protection as well as a centrally mounted agitator that increases the melting velocity inside of the melting tank and keeps solid particles in suspension. 

The main advantages of the Sulphurnet sulphur melting tanks are better heat transfer, less settling of solids, continuous operation, no need to shut down, and no manual cleaning which saves time and means less sulphur wasted.

Sulphurnet over the years has designed many liquid sulphur melting tanks for various design flows. Currently, the biggest Sulphurnet liquid sulphur melting tanks in the world are producing 70 metric tons per hour of liquid sulphur each.

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Conti Melter

· Capacity 20 -100 Mton Sulphur melting per day*

· Internal heat exchanger. Replacement without process interruption

· Vigorously agitation to intensify the melting process.

· Including Dirty Sulphur Pumping section for further processing

· Corrosion protection, increased equipment lifetime

*The capacity is based 2% water content in the solid sulphur

Liquid Sulphur Melting Tank

Heating Coils

Sulphurnet Sulphur Melters come equipped with steam-heated heating elements which provide the energy required for melting the solid sulphur into liquid sulphur.

Unique to the Sulphurnet design is that we use coiled heating coils. Using coil-shaped heating coils reduces the number of potential leaks compared to conventional heating coils since the coil is formed out long pieces of piping which reduces the amount of welds / weak spots for corrosion. Besides this, these heating coils also allow for easy maintenance since they can be lifted straight out of the melting tank.

Liquid Sulphur Melting Tank

Sulphur Flash Melter

For applications where high impurities and high moisture contents are expected and where excessive Liquid Sulphur foaming happens in the liquid sulphur melting tank, Sulphurnet offers the Flash Sulphur Melter.

Inside of the Sulphurnet Flash Sulphur Melter solid sulphur containing water is quickly heated within the flash melter because of which most of the moisture inside of the solid sulphur will evaporate before entering the regular liquid sulphur melting tank.

The main benefits of the Sulphurnet Flash Sulphur Melter are:

  • Compact design (small plot space)
  • Increased capacity of existing melting plant
  • No moving parts, low maintenance cost
  • No internal coils, less corrosion
  • Can handle sulphur with high water contents
  • Suitable for powder type of sulphur
  • Less foaming issues
Liquid Sulphur Melters

Fabrication & Design

At Sulphurnet, we prioritize delivering top-notch design, documentation, and project management services to our clients. We are committed to upholding project schedules.

Certifications, manufacturer approvals: 
ASME (U-stamp, Code Section VIII Div.1)
PED (EN13445 / AD-2000)
China stamp (A1), China License
TP TC 032/2013, Customs Union

In addition to the existing manufacturing approvals, we are experienced to perform the respective approval procedures for almost all countries in the world.

Are you interested in our sulphur melters?

Are you considering replacing your current liquid sulphur melting tank or constructing an entirely new one?
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