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How to reduce OPEX in H2SO4 production

Having fewer shut-downs of the sulphuric acid plant saves a lot of costs. Less maintenance costs fewer production losses and other less visible costs. In this Sulphurnet Workshop, we explain...
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Liquid Sulphur Truck Unloading System

Truck unloading system for Liquid Sulphur Sulphurnet offers a pumping system to ensure that the truck unloading of liquid sulphur is done quickly and safely, which is very important to...
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Quick Closure for Filter Systems

Most filters are pressure vessels. Access to the internal parts requires opening the filter system. Standard filters are executed with bolted closures and opening and closing these covers is a...
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Differential Pressure Transmitter Sulphurnet

In every industrial filtration process instrumentation is used to monitor the progress of the filtration cycle. During the filtration process the cake with impurities is slowly building up on the...
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Case Study: Less waste and better working solutions

Process optimization with Self-Cleaning Candle Filters With a producer of Crop Protection chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides, we worked out a filtration process optimisation. When they were investigating the...
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Resins Filtration

A distinction is made between natural and synthetic resins. Natural resins are tree secretions that, unlike gum resins, can only be dissolved in organic solvents such as turpentine oil. Synthetic...
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Sulphurnet Filtration Tests

In order to select the right type and size of the filter, it is often recommended to perform filtration tests for new applications. The main goal of these filtration tests...
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Sulphur Flour: The invisible destroyer

How Sulphur Flour slowly destroys your sulphur plant Sublimed sulphur is invisible for the eye and causes serious corrosion. Sulphur is a pH neutral product, but under the right conditions...
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Sulphur 2019 + Sulphuric Acid, Houston

One more year, we will be present at the Sulphur + Sulphuric Acid Conference 2019 in Houston (4-7 November). Our stand is number 28. Our Project Engineer, Mathijs Sijpkes, will...
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