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Mineral and Metal Processing

Mineral & Metal Processing

Sulphurnet is a provider of applications where the recovery of valuable metals is required. Sulphurnet provides highly automated solutions for these demanding applications. The goal is to offer highly efficient filtration units to recover fines (high as well as very low concentrations) from the liquid. The aim of the technology is the recovery of valuable minerals so these can be reprocessed.

In today’s demanding solid-liquid separation processes, it is crucial to achieve the best possible and most trouble-free filter operation. To improve the production yield and decrease the plant’s total cost of ownership. Sulphurnet Dutch Engineered Filtration Solutions offers a wide selection of proven filtration products, backed by an experienced staff of industry experts.

Merrill Crowe Gold winning Process

Tailings that contain gold, silver, and copper are threatened with cyanide. It will form into a muddy slurry containing the reacted cyanide. This slurry is treated with lime to neutralize the cyanide. Then, the slurry loaded with dirt lime is pumped into a clarifier: the underflow of the clarifier is the mud, and the lime and the overflow is the cyanide that contains all the valuable metals. This cyanide solution is then filtered through a Pressure Leaf Filter or Self-Cleaning candle Filter to remove the fine solids. The result is a clear pregnant leach solution containing the valuable dissolved gold. 

DEFS provides highly efficient Self Cleaning Candle filters for the purification of the cyanide solution before the zinc precipitation step. The high filtration efficiency improves the gold scavenger operation. The filter cake can be discharged as a wet slurry or a semi-dry filter cake. Prefabricated Skid-mounted filter units make implementation faster, so ROI is shorter.


  • Less cleaning labour involved
  • Reduces corrosion problems
  • Completely closed system (HSE)
  • Short Start-up and delivery time
  • Lower investment cost on the filtration unit
  • Maintaining efficiency and plant capacity
  • Less cleaning labour involved
  • Plug and Play Solution
  • Efficient operation due to better performance of the filtration unit

Concentration - Filtration

Concentration involves increasing the solids content in liquids by removing or recovering additional liquid. Sulphurnet provides a cost-effective solution for cleaning up thickener overflow, contaminated with low concentrations of fine particulates, including metals and metal salts. These metals can be recovered and reprocessed afterward, including very fine solids (1-2 microns). No flocculants or other reagents are necessary, thanks to the filter media’s highly effective retention with very fine pore size, enabling the recovery of very fine micron particles.

  • Unit has small footprints
  • Concentration from ppm level to percent level
  • Sub-micron size particle retention
  • Lowest product losses and brilliant filtrate clarity
  • Excellent chemical and heat resistance
  • Suitable for aggressive media (acids, chlorides)

Copper Electrolyte Solution

The filtration of copper electrolytes is required to remove electrolytic by-products and dirt which affect copper electrolysis. The process is performed/done/executed with precoat filtration in combination with activated carbon treatment Sulphurnet offers various executions for a high-efficiency filtration process as well as an effective activated carbon addition with efficient usage of the carbon. 

Filtration Solutions for Mineral & Metal Processing

Vertical Leaf Filters are suitable for various filtration processes including the Merrill Crowe gold process. The filter has a long service life with maximum corrosion resistance and it requires minimal maintenance. Vertical Leaf Filter is supplied with a horizontal tank and with vertical Filter Leaves. The filter can be made from various grades of steel and stainless steel. Also, internal rubber lining or Teflon coatings can be applied. Internals are manufactured with SS, titanium of plastics (PP or PVDF) Filter leaves are positioned in a manifold and they filter on both sides, offering a large filtration area in a relatively small vessel.

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The system comprises a vertical cylindrical shell with multiple outlet manifolds. During filtration, suspended particles are captured on the filter media covering the support candle. Cellulose pre-coat material ensures clarity. The resulting cake is discharged as a semi-dry cake through a large butterfly valve.

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