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Sulphur Processing

Sulphur Melting and Purification

Sulphurnet has focused its activities on the Design and Manufacturing of liquid sulphur processing: melting and purification plants. We engineer complete Sulphur melting and filtration systems to the strictest production and environmental requirements, with a typical turnkey project covering the entire process from the Solid Sulphur Feeding conveyors, up to the clean sulphur storage tank.

Our activities range from the FEED (front-end engineering design) to the manufacturing and start-up of the plant. Sulphurnet delivers turnkey solutions for sulphur melting and purification, including utility equipment and control systems.

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The Process

The typical Sulphurnet sulphur melting and filtration process starts in the solid sulphur handling section, where solid sulphur gets loaded on a conveyor belt and gets neutralised by adding lime. 

Using the conveyor belt the solid sulphur is transported to the liquid sulphur melting tank, where the sulphur is heated until its melting point to form liquid sulphur

Whereafter the Liquid Sulphur flows from the Melting tank into the dirty sulphur tank from where it is pumped to the liquid sulphur filter. Inside the liquid sulphur filter, solid particles are removed from the liquid sulphur. Additionally, a liquid sulphur polishing filter can be installed after the liquid sulphur filter to remove even finer particles and act as a safety filter. 

The now clean liquid sulphur is stored in the liquid sulphur storage tank from where it can be used by other processes requiring clean liquid sulphur.

Liquid Sulphur

Melting Tank

Sulphurnet Sulphur Melters are above-ground tanks with steam coils that provide the energy required for melting solid sulphur.

The tank comes equipped with a conical bottom with the ability to drain without stopping the tank operation, is executed with internal brick lining for corrosion prevention, and is fitted with an agitator to increase melting efficiency.

The main advantages of using a Sulphurnet Sulphur Melter are:

  • Better Heat Transfer
  • Less settling
  • Continuous Operation because heavy solids will remain in the melting tank
  • No need to shut down for cleaning
  • Less downtime and less Sulphur wasted
Liquid Sulphur


At the heart of every Liquid sulphur melting and purification plant, one or more liquid sulphur filters or strainers are installed to remove contaminants such as ash, bitumen, and organics from the liquid sulphur. Sulphurnet offers the following jacketed filtration systems for liquid sulphur:

  • Liquid Sulphur Filter (Pressure Leaf type)
  • Liquid Sulphur Self Cleaning Candle Filter
  • Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter
  • Liquid Sulphur Strainer
Sulphur Modules WB Sulphurnet

Sulphur Modules

Modular units for sulphur processing, melting and filtration. These units can be combined to create a complete compact sulphur melting and purification plant that is adaptable for a broad range of capacities, from 5 to 300 Mt sulphur/day.

  • High Quality Sulphur
  • Efficient Design
  • Adaptable To Your Needs
  • Easy To Transport
Liquid Sulphur

Instrumentation & Valves

In order to allow for maximum control over the Sulphur processing: Melting and Purification process, Sulphurnet offers a wide variety of process instrumentation and valves suitable for use with liquid sulphur.

Sulphurnet offers the following instruments and valves: 

  • Jacketed Valves
  • Jacketed Turbidity Analyzer
  • Jacketed Radar Level Transmitter
  • Pressure Indicators & Transmitters
  • Temperature Indicators & Transmitters
  • Jacketed Flow Transmitters
Liquid Sulphur Truck

Sulphur Pump Skids

Operator and bystander safety is a very important topic while loading and unloading liquid sulphur trucks and railcars. That is why Sulphurnet offers pump systems that guarantee safe, reliable, and quick operations.

The complete skid is designed by Sulphurnet as a plug-and-play solution that minimizes the work on-site with a fast installation feature and is manufactured in a controlled environment following all international standards

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