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Recognising outdated technology, Sulphurnet was founded in 2007 to deliver custom solutions for filtration plants, armed with more than 30 years of expertise in industrial filtration systems.

From Culemborg in the Netherlands, we design, plan, manufacture, and ship filtration systems, equipment, complete plants, and accessories to more than 200 clients all over the world.

Sulphurnet is not just about sulphur processing systems; it’s about helping our customers around the world reduce their production costs, heighten their product quality and yields, and improve their safety, health, and environmental performance.

Three decades of expertise in filtration solutions

Filtration Products

Vertical Leaf Filter Sulphurnet

Sulphurnet offers a full range of Dutch Engineered Pressure Leaf FiltersThese filters are high-quality systems, that can be used for numerous batch and continuous filtration processes, by client specifications and requirements.

These systems comprise of several vertical filter leaves positioned in a horizontal or vertical filter tank. The fluid to be filtered is passed over the filter medium, the collected solids remain on the filter medium and form a filter cake, while the filtered liquid flows through the leaf to the filtrate outlet manifold.

Pressure Leaf Filter Sulphurnet

Sulphurnet’s Dutch Engineered Self-Cleaning Candle filters can be applied for either polishing applications with low solid loads or as prefilters with relatively high solid loads and can be used for manual, semiautomatic, and fully automatic operation.

Semi-automatic or fully automatic DEFS-SCCF ensures a smooth, economical, and optimal operation. To ensure these features a PLC controls the cleaning and filtration cycle based on various process parameters. PLCs are famous for their reliability, have a long lifetime, and can easily be extended to include more functionality. The DEFS-SCCF is a fully enclosed filter system and thus is improving safety, health, and environmental performance.

Sulphurnet offers a full range of Dutch Engineered Horizontal Plate Filters (Sparkler / Seitz type)

The DEFS Horizontal Plate Filters are high-quality systems that can be used for numerous applications and processes. The system comprises of a vertical tank, which contains several horizontally stacked filter plates. The fluid that is to be filtered is passed over the filter medium that is positioned between the filter plates. The collected solids in the form of filter cake remain on the filter medium and the clean liquid flows through the plates to the filter outlet.

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Sulphur Melting and Purification

Our engineering team for liquid sulphur melting and purification plants focuses on all special challenges and demands you meet during the operation of sulphur melting and purification plants, such as Corrosion issues, cold spots, and firefighting. We carefully determine the optimal sizing of melters in combination with the sulphur filtration process, to ensure that the process can work ideally and to avoid oversizing of equipment.

We offer complete services such as but not limited to: Basic Engineering, Detailed Engineering, Project Management, Plant Audits and Consultancy, Project Execution, Startup and commissioning support, Operator Training, and Maintenance Support.  

Featured Projects

Sulphurnet engages in projects encompassing the supply of individual filtration systems to the construction of full-scale Sulphur Melting and Purification plants.

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