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Sulphur Filtration

Sulphur Filtration

At the heart of every liquid sulphur melting and filtration plant, a filter is installed. In most installations, a liquid sulphur filter is used to remove impurities caused by both transportation and the reaction between Lime and Sulfuric Acid.

Sulphurnet’s Liquid Sulphur filters can be divided into three categories. The first of these is primary liquid sulphur filtration. Most often well-known filters such as the pressure leaf filter and self-cleaning candle filter are used for the primary filtration of liquid sulphur. These filters operate using a layer of precoat material to remove contaminants for the liquid sulphur stream and if implemented correctly, already give a satisfactory result for most liquid sulphur filtration processes.

The second type of liquid sulphur filtration category is the liquid sulphur polishing. For this type of filtration, a liquid sulphur polishing filter is used. A liquid sulphur polishing filter is used in case even the finest of particles need to be removed. Most commonly the liquid sulphur polishing is installed directly after a primary liquid sulphur filter.

The third type of liquid sulphur filtration is coarse filtration. For some processes, fine filtration such as in the liquid sulphur filter and the liquid sulphur polishing filter is not required, but the removal of bigger particles is required. For these applications, Sulphurnet offers liquid sulphur stainers in various sizes.

Sulphurnet over the years has designed many liquid sulphur filters for various flows and solid loads. 

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Primary Sulphur Filtration

Liquid Sulphur Filter

The Liquid Sulphur Filter removes contaminants, such as ash and bitumen, which can plug the catalyst mass downstream in the Converter. 

Some of the advantages are: 

•Decreases maintenance costs and improves the operation time of the plant
•Reduction of contamination reduces the acidity of the sulphur and reduces corrosion
•Retractable tank and fixed cover, no need to disconnect pipelines for cleaning procedures. 
•Filter leaves remain stationary, with no cake dropping during the opening
•Quick closure with long gasket lifetime
•Filter leaves with a double “O” ring to prevent by-pass 
•Fully hydraulic operation
•Tailor-made to your specifications

Liquid Sulphur Candle Filter

The primary purpose of the Liquid Sulphur Candle Filter (LSCF) is to achieve the most optimal filtration results and to remove any remaining contaminants from the sulphur. A filtration efficiency as low as ppm can be achieved.

Benefits for Sulphuric Acid Plants:

•Reduces pressure build-up in the sulphuric acid plant 
•High filtration efficiency, protects the catalyst

Process advantages:

• Reduces maintenance costs and operational losses of the acid plant
• Can also be installed in existing plants
• Automated cleaning
• Fine filtration at the sub-micron level for acid plants/catalyst   protection
• Closed systems, no emissions

Sulphur Polishing

Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter

The primary purpose of the Liquid Sulphur Polishing Filter is to remove the last contaminants such as filter aids, ashes, etc, that might plug the catalyst mass.

The removal of solid contaminants reduces pollution of the waste heat boiler and pressure build-up in the converter downstream in the acid plant. This to decreases maintenance costs and improves the operation time of the sulphuric acid plant.

Coarse Sulphur Filtration

Sulphur Strainer

The primary purpose of the Liquid Sulphur Strainer is to remove unwanted particles from the liquid sulphur, without manual intervention or dangerous situations. 


•Suitable for industrial applications requiring reliability and continuous operation.
•Can be used for pre- or final filtration within a 30-1000 micron range.
•Simple construction eliminates the need for external assistance.
•Easy-to-change sealing box facilitates customization.
•No lubrication required, minimizing maintenance.

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