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Quick Closure for Filter Systems

Most filters are pressure vessels. Access to the internal parts requires opening the filter system. Standard filters are executed with bolted closures and opening and closing these covers is a time-consuming exercise, special for the larger filter vessels.

However, when urgencies arrive, operators need quick access to the filter internals to solve the problem and continue the processing as quickly as possible.

For that reason, nowadays, filters are executed with quick opening and closing doors. These help to provide quick access to the internals. Quick opening doors, so-called bayonet-type closures and the locking mechanism are a rotating teethed door and relevant matching hub which transmits loads uniformly to the full 360° circumference.

Quick Closure Bayonette RIng Open Closed Sulphurnet Filter Systems

The common quick opening and closing doors are executed wedge-lock teeth. Due to the forces applied these teeth are subject to wear and they can even cause galling. This causes downtime of the filter system for replacing the teeth, which is a very delicate execution. Due to the forces applied the gaskets are subject to high wear and need to be replaced frequently.

Sulphurnet quick closing doors have parallel teeth. That means that there are no forces on the teeth, but the sealing is by the gasket material only. The construction assures a long lifetime of the quick closing door, no wear, and no galling. These quick closures are engineered, designed and built according to the most stringent international standards. A 3 step safety is included to prevent the filter vessel to be opened when they under pressure. The operation can be fully automated by applying Hydraulic cylinders.

Quick Closure Stainless Steel Sulphurnet

Sulphurnet offers 2-part opening doors as well as 3 part opening doors. We can apply all large pressure range and offer various materials of construction.

If you are interested in Filtration Solutions or you would like to implement this technology in your existing filter, do not hesitate to contact us.

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  1. I’ve experienced downtime in our filtration system due to worn-out wedge-lock teeth, and the delicate replacement process can be a real hassle. Switching to a system with parallel teeth and automated operation through hydraulic cylinders sounds like a great investment for long-term reliability and efficiency. Thanks for sharing this technology update.

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